Doctor Collinson’s Educational Foundation at Musgrave
(The "Collinson Trust")

Appeal for applications for educational bursary awards 2017

Nearly 200 years ago, Doctor Septimus Collinson, Provost of Queen’s College Oxford, brought up in Great Musgrave, left money in his will to create a trust fund, primarily to assist young people of Musgrave in their education.  Remarkably this trust still exists today.  It has recently been revived after becoming dormant in 2011.  Awards or bursaries are made each year on application.

Those who can apply must be under 25.  They or their parents must reside in the civil parish of Musgrave, i.e. Great and Little Musgrave, Flitholme and Langrigg and outlying homesteads.  Applicants must be receiving formal education or training - academic, vocational, professional, trade or skill apprenticeships – in the sixth form, at university or any other educational establishment or in the workplace.   These annual awards, albeit modest, can be used to help pay for course books, and other media including software, instruments, tools, equipment, overalls, work clothing and other course expenses and materials.

So please, young people of Musgrave Parish, if you think you qualify and merit an award this year, either embarking on a new course or in the middle of one, do apply.  The Trust will be pleased to receive your applications.  In your application, typed or handwritten, and signed, let us know your date of birth, what the course is and for what purpose you would like to be considered for an award from the Trust, e.g. purchase of course books.  Please send your applications to the Trust Secretary, Clive Hutchinson, Mickle Fell Barn, Flitholme, Appleby-in-Westmorland CA16 6PT, to arrive no later than 15 September 2017.   The Trustees will then meet to consider the applications and make awards where deemed appropriate.

Please note

In view of the fact that the Trust has not been active since 2011 with awards made for the academic year 2011/12, retrospective applications will be considered from those who were in further education or training from the beginning of the academic year 2012/13 to the end of the academic year 2016/17.  In this case, please also indicate the year(s) for which an award is requested. 

Clive Hutchinson
Trust Secretary, 
Mickle Fell Barn, Flitholme, Appleby-in-Westmorland CA16 6PT.

(Also see The Way, July 2017)

Septimus  Collinson (1739-1827)

For detail of his life see: Septimus Collinson
Read his Obituary in The Gentheman's Magazine.
Read a Memoir and Sermon given by his son, the Rev. John Collinson in St. Theobald's Church, Great Musgrave on 14 June 1829.

Collinson Sermon 1829 

Musgrave School  Musgrave School 1828
The old School at Musgrave, founded in 1828, by kind permission of Mrs Pauline Ellwood.

Memorial to his parents, Joseph and Agnes Collinson, placed by Septimus in St. Theobald's Church.

Joseph and Agnes Collinson, Memorial 1793 Joseph and Agnes Colllinson 1793